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What to Do With Rodents In Your HVAC System

Rodents love to find good heat sources to nest in when the weather is cold. While they scavenge your home, what better place to get heat than in your heating system? When they find the cozy warmth in your HVAC system, they will bring in food, bite up your electrical wiring, and get into your ductwork to make nests and reproduce. Rodents will leave droppings and create poor air quality that will affect those who are more allergy-prone and sensitive to allergens in the air. If you are worried about rodents coming into your home and nesting into your HVAC system, there are some things you can do to prevent this.

Here are some tips to lessen the likelihood of rodents entering into your home and your air ducts:

Seal off your air ducts

Anything as little as a crack in your duct can become points of access for these rodents. All ductwork connecting to your HVAC system should be sealed off professional. If you do get an inspection and find that there are rodents in your HVAC system, you should have the inspector find out where they gained entrance to your home in the first place. You should seal off those openings as soon as possible.

Install covers for your vents and pipes

Your HVAC system uses flue pipes to expel byproducts from the furnace when it combusts. These pipes need to be working correctly in order to protect your home against carbon monoxide poisoning. Installing vent covers on all your exterior pipes and exhaust vents will block your entry to all pests and will prevent them from traveling inside your home. This will keep your pipes clear of rodent nesting as well as keeping rainwater from entering your vents. You should also make sure that these vents are installed securely and tightly because some rodents can be quite crafty and might pull them right off if they are desperate enough to get in.

Protect your AC components

Small animals with teeth, like rodents, will cause some damage to your air conditioning condenser. They might scratch, chew, and urinate on your system’s wires or on the condenser itself. If you turn your air conditioner on while they are inside, they can really cause some harm. You will want to take all the precautions needed to prevent rodents from harming your condenser, to begin with. It’s better to be safe than sorry so you should try your best to keep your air conditioner condenser clean by cleaning around it on a regular basis. Try to trim or cut away the greenery near it, as well as wiping away any excrement, which will attract the rodents to it. Using warm water and mild soap with a scrubber will do the trick.

Keep good maintenance

Depending on how much damage has been done, you will want to make sure that you get it fixed then try to keep maintenance on a regular basis from then on. The costs to repair the damage of your system will vary depending on how much destruction was done by the rodents. By constantly maintaining your system, you will be able to avoid rodent issues more promptly.

If you’re looking for a professional HVAC cleaning service in Texas, Kleen Air Services is your best option. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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