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Signs That You Would Need to Get Your Air Conditioner Repaired

AC repair services in Frisco, TX

The summer months in Houston, TX can get quite hot and humid. It is during this time that most people will blast their air conditioning units and try to stay cool. However, if your AC unit breaks down during the summer, this can lead to some miserable days at home. If your air conditioner breaks down, you need to call an AC repair service in Frisco, TX.

The worst-case scenario would be that you will have a non-functioning unit. That means that your AC has reached its breaking point. Troubleshooting and looking for other means of temporary repairs won’t work when you are presented in this situation. Hiring an AC repair service is really the only solution for you. But before your AC unit gets to that point, here are some of the possible warning signs that your units should be checked by an AC repair company in Frisco, TX.

Your AC Unit Gives Off Warm Air

You would expect that your air conditioning units would help relieve the stress of the hot and humid weather. How would you feel then if instead of cold air coming from the unit, you would experience getting a warm gust of air? This should be enough for you to deduce that there might be something wrong in your air conditioning systems. You can try to troubleshoot the problem by checking the thermostat. Make sure that it is on its right cooling setting. You should also set it lower than the current temperature of your home so you would know if the AC units are working properly.

The usual causes of AC units giving off warm air are restricted airflow or any compressor issues. Don’t worry about these as it is something that highly trained AC repair services in Frisco, TX can fix. You can also try to work the problem out on your own, but you can only do so much. Any home cooling system, may it be big or small, is quite complicated, which merits it to get careful calibration.

The Airflow Is Not Sufficient

One of the most common signs of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit is poor airflow. It is also something that you cannot just miss as you would really feel its possible effect. The reason for this would be that your units may have a blockage which might be preventing sufficient air from moving through the ductworks. Other possible reasons for this could also be from a clogged air filter or broken motor. The moment that you notice these warning signs, you should call in AC repair services in Frisco, TX. If you stall the repair of the units for a little bit longer, this might lead to a complete broken air conditioning unit altogether.

Since these factors are the usual causes of insufficient airflow, it is advised that you may consider in investing in an energy-recovery ventilator. The addition of the ventilator could give the air conditioning unit some boost by exchanging stale air with fresh air. Zoning systems that would help ensure the right airflow and cooling power could also help prevent this problem. 

There Is Water Leaking From The Unit

Since AC units rely on the condensation of refrigerants to give off cool air, it is not inevitable to spot some water condensate leaking from your unit. However, you know that there is a current problem when the liquids accumulate inside the unit or leak into your home. You should know that there are proper exit water drains for the water. So seeing leaking water from your AC inside your rooms or house would mean that there is a problem that you would need to resolve. 

At the same time, any pooled water or active leaks would instantly mean that the cooling system in your AC unit is not functioning properly. Refrigerant leaks may also be a factor that could cause this problem. 

You Are Experiencing High Humidity Inside Your Home

Once you feel like it is getting a bit humid than the usual inside of your home, you should definitely suspect that there is a posing AC unit problem. When this situation happens, it means that the cooling system cannot keep the moisture levels stable anymore. The possible fix that AC repair companies could do for this is to recalibrate the settings of the unit. You can also help prevent this problem from happening by adding a humidifier in your home. 

You Hear Unusual Noises

Air conditioning units are built to give you the utmost comfort. That is why when you already hear some churning noises that your AC units make, you could immediately suspect that there is something wrong. These noises, however, should not be confused with the low-level sounds that units usually make during shut down. These noises only last for at most ten minutes. After the unit has already settled, you can expect that everything should go smoothly. Loud and sudden noises, on the other hand, can mean that there is already damage in your cooling systems.

A common reason for the noises could be that there are already some loose parts in your unit. It is crucial that you do not do a DIY fix as you would need to have some level of expertise and the right tools to deal with the problem. For these cases, AC repair companies usually do a quick check-up and tune-up of the system.

Always Get The Services Of A Trusted AC Repair Contractor

The thing about these air conditioning unit problems is that you may be tempted to fix it on your own. You generally should avoid doing a DIY fix. You may do more damage than good. It is best to be wary of the warning signs of a possible AC damage. Listed above are the four most common signs of present damage in your system. Just be mindful of the performance of your air conditioning units and leave all of the repairs to an AC repair service in Frisco, TX.


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