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How to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution – Our Guide


Did you know that air pollution is not only a result of car exhaust, factory smoke, burning, or emissions from manufacturing plants? You are not only exposed to bad air outside of your home but inside of your own home, too! This is especially true if you live in a house that has an outdated air conditioning system. Some of the typical things that can result in indoor air pollution are household cleaning and maintenance products, an improperly adjusted gas stove, and a central heating system in poor condition. Having to deal with air pollution outside is enough. Why endanger your health more by breathing polluted air indoors too? Here are the ways that you can reduce the filthy air in your house and make sure that everyone in your household breathes fresh, clean air: Change your air filters regularly This is an essential thing to do if you have allergies, asthma, or pets. Your air filters should be changed every three months or 90 days to minimize indoor air pollution. If you leave your filter dirty for months at a time, not only will it contaminate the air in your home, but it may leave your air conditioner damaged. Failing to change dirty air filters can have a harmful effect on your respiratory system as well as that of everyone else in your household. Clean your air ducts If you have dirty air ducts, your home will be full of low-quality air that can result in various health problems, affecting your respiratory system and your wellbeing. Cleaning your air ducts is sure to make a significant difference in maintaining high-quality airflow in your home and keeping the indoor air fresh for everyone. When the air that flows through your home is high-quality, the system can function efficiently. Moreover, your heating and cooling systems will remain in good condition. For these reasons, it is critical to maintain your air ducts and keep them free of dirt and dust. Vacuum your vents Another significant factor that causes pollutants in your house is a dirty ventilation system. Now that you have nice, clean air ducts, you also have to maintain your HVAC system, ventilation surface, and the entry of the ducts by vacuuming them on the regular. If there are dust particles, dirt, pet fur, and debris left on your vents, the indoor air wouldn’t be as healthy as you’d expect it to be. Vacuuming doesn’t take a lot of time, but it is something that will ensure that your family has clean air to breathe. Install new ultraviolet filter technology in HVAC To reduce air pollution in your house, installing ultraviolet filter technology in your HVAC is another excellent thing to do. With this technology, you can prevent health issues by decreasing the pathogens in the air. Ultraviolet filter technology works as a purifier by utilizing UV light to lessen indoor air contamination. As it is installed inside of your HVAC system, it will filter the air first and disperse the purified air throughout your home. Change your outdated air conditioner You might think that buying a new air conditioner is a waste of money. However, isn’t it worth knowing that a new system won’t harm your health like your old one did? The newer models of air conditioners have features that are far more advanced than ever. Thanks to technology, some of them have features that can control the level of indoor air pollution with UV light technology and allergy filtration. If your air conditioner is outdated, it may be time for a change. Why would you use an old unit when you could have a better model that offers more benefits for your health? The cost will pay off in the long run, both health-wise and energy efficiency-wise! If you’re looking for an AC repair service in Texas, Kleen Air Services is your best option. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.  

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