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How to Know When Your Air Conditioner Needs a Fix


by  | Jan 10, 2019 | Blog

  Air conditioning problems always seem to occur at the most inconvenient time. Whether it’s your luck or a faulty or old system that was being pushed beyond its capabilities, you’ve got to get it fixed. Having a well-functioning air conditioner is important for your family’s comfort and health, and it can be easily handled with regular maintenance. You can avoid costly AC repair service by identifying the minor issues early on before they become big issues. Here are ten signs you must look out for to know when your AC unit needs repair or replacement: It’s Blowing Warm Air Nobody purchases an AC unit so it could just sit there and do nothing. An air conditioner has only one job to do, and that is to keep your family cool during the hot summer months. You need an air conditioner to function properly during the sweltering months of the year. However, if it fails to do that one job and blows out warm air instead, contact a technician for assistance. The Thermostat Isn’t Working Your air conditioner’s thermostat is the command center of the system. The thermostat communicates with the AC to inform it of how much cold air it must generate. It also takes certain measures to ensure that it is doing its job. If your air conditioning unit runs for short periods of time prior to shutting itself off or doesn’t get turned on at all, it can be an indication that the thermostat is not able to correctly determine if the system is operating or not. If you are experiencing this issue, you might want a trained HVAC specialist to examine this since it involves complex electrical components. Weak Airflow From The Vents Weak airflow could be another big problem. You may feel cool air when you turn your air conditioner on, but it might be blowing out very weakly, making it difficult to circulate through the room. This could be an indication of a failing compressor, but it may also be a sign of a problem with the ducts. Due to the uncertainty of this issue, it is best to contact a technician to get it checked. A professional is the only one with the knowledge and experience to ensure there are no bigger problems lying ahead of you. Loud Noise Inside Of The Unit If you hear noises like grinding, scraping, or squealing while your AC is on, there could be a problem with a belt moving out of place inside the unit. Contact an HVAC expert as soon as you can to avoid costly damage to other parts. Odors While The System Is Turned On An air conditioner is not supposed to smell bad. If you notice unpleasant odors blowing out of your AC unit, there is a problem. A strong smell may indicate a burned-out wire inside the unit, while a musty smell may indicate there is mold somewhere inside the unit or the ductwork. It is vital to get a professional diagnosis of this problem done ASAP because it may very well get you and your family sick. Not Enough Humidity Removed Another job of an air conditioner is to reduce the amount of humidity inside your house. Even in a low humidity climate, the air contains a small amount of moisture. If you begin to notice some humidity and dampness inside of your home even when the air conditioner is running, the unit may need repair. Reoccurring Problems If your unit has required repair services at least three or four times in a span of a few months, it may be time to purchase a new one. Freon or Water Leaks Around The Unit Any moisture leaking in or around your AC system is a problem since it can be an indication of a refrigerant leak. Freon is poisonous, so contact a professional immediately. However, the moisture could also be water from a broken or blocked tube that disposes of condensation. In some cases, you will notice water leaking out of the HVAC system, while in other cases, ice may develop inside your AC unit on the copper refrigerant lines located outside the condenser. Whatever be the case, it is best that you contact an HVAC specialist to get it checked out. Rising Electric Bill Another indication that your AC system is in need of replacement or repair is an increased electricity bill without increased usage. The cause of this problem could be many, ranging from a broken thermostat switch and leaks in your HVAC system’s ductwork to the age of the AC unit. Long Lifespan If your air conditioning unit is at least ten years old, it is time to begin shopping around for a new unit. Air conditioners generally do not last more than a decade. These warning signs are useful reminders of how to quickly recognize a problem and avoid an HVAC unit replacement. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature during the summer months takes many properly functioning mechanics. Therefore, if you experience any of these ten signs, do not try to fix them on your own and contact a professional HVAC technician immediately.
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