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Getting the Most From Your HVAC: A Comprehensive Guide to HVAC Maintenance

An efficient and reliable furnace is essential for your health, well-being and peace of mind. Greater Dallas temperatures dip into the 30s every winter. When there’s a wind chill factor, it can feel much colder. If your heater breaks down in the middle of a polar vortex, you could be facing costly heating repairs or even an emergency furnace replacement. Winter is a busy time for HVAC contractors. You might wait days for heating service.
Unusually cold weather severely taxes heaters that aren’t in good condition. That’s why heater breakdowns always seem to happen when the weather is at its worst. Furnace repair and furnace replacement are in high demand during bad weather. If you have to replace your unit unexpectedly, you’ll probably pay more than you should, and you’ll probably have to settle for whatever you can get.

What Makes Heating Service So Important

Your furnace is a complex piece of high-tech equipment. Multiple components work together to ensure that your Plano, Texas, home remains consistently warm and cozy regardless of what’s happening outside. To perform properly, your furnace needs something from you. It’s called HVAC maintenance, and here’s what makes it so important:

Maximizes Energy Efficiency

An energy-efficient furnace delivers maximum indoor comfort while using a minimum of energy. The more efficient your furnace, the less you’ll pay for utility bills. Annual heating maintenance includes a thorough cleaning of the unit. A clean furnace is an efficient furnace. It can perform its job easily without battling a buildup of dirt.

Any component that’s not performing optimally will hamper the efficiency of the entire unit. A furnace tune-up restores your furnace to a like-new condition. It optimizes furnace performance across the board. That, in turn, optimizes furnace efficiency and keeps energy costs manageable.

Reduces Furnace Repair and Furnace Replacement Costs

Research studies repeatedly confirm that proper HVAC system maintenance can prevent up to 95 percent of all heating repair calls and unanticipated heater replacements. Maintenance includes an in-depth furnace inspection. If any issues exist, they can be identified and corrected promptly to prevent them from escalating.

Extends the Lifespan of Your Heating System

Studies also show that the lifespan of a heating system is directly linked to how well that system has been maintained. The average furnace lifespan is about 15 years. A furnace that receives dedicated annual maintenance can last from 20 to 25 years.

Maximizes Indoor Comfort

A dirty furnace has to work harder to heat your home. Grunge and gunk that collects in a furnace after a season of use interferes with equipment performance and efficient delivery of heated air. That drives up energy bills and indoor comfort suffers. Instead of providing a steady, consistent and reliable flow of heat, the unit struggles just to achieve and maintain the thermostat setting.

Reduces the Cost of Repairs

Although annual maintenance prevents the lion’s share of HVAC repair calls, your system might still require periodic adjustments, especially if it’s an older unit. The good news is that with regular maintenance, potential problems can be caught and corrected while they’re still minor. That makes them less costly to fix.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

The gunk that collects in a dirty HVAC system blows into your living space whenever your furnace cycles on. It can contaminate your indoor air with bacteria, mold, mildew and viruses in addition to dust, dander, mites, pollen and other allergens. These contaminants can trigger allergic reactions, aggravate existing respiratory conditions and make you sick.

Makes Your Home a Safer Place

Because a furnace burns fuel, it can be a fire hazard. It can emit deadly gasses like carbon monoxide. In a properly maintained furnace, gas emissions are minimal and immediately vented out of your living space. Dirty and poorly maintained furnaces emit higher gaseous concentrations. Heater maintenance can ensure that your furnace performs safely.

Maintains Warranty Protection

Annual HVAC service is usually required to maintain a furnace warranty. If something goes wrong, you don’t want to cover the cost out-of-pocket. Annual heater service gives you the peace of mind of knowing that any problems will be covered under warranty.

What Can I Expect During a Furnace Inspection?

Heater service restores your system to a like-new condition. When you work with a reputable and reliable HVAC contractor like Kleen Air Services, all of the above issues are addressed in one comprehensive HVAC system maintenance visit that includes the following services:

  • Inspect the furnace for existing and potential operational problems
  • Thoroughly clean the heating system
  • Check for proper ventilation, rule out leaks and examine the heat exchanger for cracks
  • Check gas or oil connections, burner combustion and gas pressure
  • Check and calibrate the controls
  • Test the thermostat for accuracy
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Inspect and clean the condensate drain line and drain pan
  • Tighten electrical connections.
  • Test the voltage and current of all electrical components
  • Replace the air filter
  • Inspect the venting and piping
  • Ensure proper air flow
  • Check gas burner flame
  • Visually inspect ductwork

Ongoing HVAC Maintenance to Perform Yourself

Check your furnace air filter every 30 days and replace it when you can’t see the filter material through the dirt. Make sure that nothing is impeding the air flow from your vents, and don’t store flammable items near the furnace. Install carbon monoxide detectors and check the exhaust flue regularly to ensure that it contains no blockages.

How Do I Know When I Need Furnace Service?

HVAC professionals recommend that you schedule heater service at the end of summer or in early fall at the very latest. Here are some indications that you may need heating maintenance:

  • Utility bills are increasing
  • Your home is excessively dusty
  • Furnace makes unusual noises
  • Gas burner flame is yellow instead of blue
  • Indoor air smells musty or foul

What Are the Benefits of a Planned Service Agreement (PSA)?

At Kleen Air Services, our Planned Service Agreement (PSA) covers heating service in the fall and air conditioning service in the spring. We’ll also inspect your ductwork. According to Energy Star, the average American home loses up to 30 percent of heated and cooled air through cracks and holes in air ducts. That wastes money and drives up energy costs. We can seal any leaks to prevent energy losses in the future.
The typical cost of two HVAC tuneups, a condenser wash, a condensate drain line cleaning, a furnace inspection and a deep furnace cleaning adds up to almost $500. With a PSA, your total cost is only $150. You’ll also enjoy special pricing on HVAC repair calls, a five percent discount on equipment purchases and priority scheduling for service calls.

How Can I Find HVAC Service Near Me?

If you’re wondering, “How can I find HVAC service near me,” check us out. Kleen Air Services has been providing a full roster of residential and commercial HVAC services in Greater Dallas since 1992. We perform emergency furnace repairs, furnace replacements and new furnace installations on demand 24/7. Call us at (972) 527-3207 to schedule furnace maintenance or to learn more about our Planned Service Agreement.

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