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AC Repair: Should I Get My Air Conditioning Units Replaced Or Repaired?

AC Repair

Spotting if there is a problem with your air conditioning systems are not that hard to point out at all. However, there are some cases wherein homeowners are advised to get the systems replaced or have an AC repair instead. If you already see that your AC systems are already having a hard time when it comes to cooling the whole area, or it is already making loud and churning noises, then you should call in an AC repair expert to have your air conditioning systems checked.

AC repair

An air conditioning system is one of the most used appliances in your home. Like all other mechanical devices you have, it is also prone to wearing and tearing. It works in such a way that the more frequent you use it, the more it is most likely to encounter some problems in the future. Although these systems are designed to withstand the test of time, when these are poorly maintained and not cleaned regularly, it could shorten the service life of your air conditioning systems. Therefore, if you want your appliances to last longer, make sure that you have these systems regularly checked and inspected by a professional.

AC Repair Versus Buying A New Air Conditioning System: Which One Should You Get?

Again, it is fairly easy to know if there is a problem with your AC systems, especially if the issue is considered to be a major one. However, some people have trouble assessing whether they should get an AC repair or buy a new unit altogether. Although it may seem quite absurd to immediately get a new air conditioning system the first time you encounter a problem with it, there are some cases wherein it is a valid choice to make.

Now, let us take a look at some of the considerations you have to make when deciding if you can have an AC repair or get a new one instead.

Replace if your air conditioning systems are over 15 years old

The usual service life of air conditioning systems, whatever type or brand these may be, is about ten years at most. That is if you are making an extra effort to change the air filters every now and then to avoid the accumulation of the dirt inside the systems. Since there are a lot of technologies nowadays that could improve the efficiency of these air conditioning systems, you might want to consider availing of these newer features. By doing so, you will not only get the latest models of AC systems there is available in the market, but you could also save a lot of money when it comes to your electricity bills.

Repair if the cost of having it repaired is lower than getting a new one

Any homeowner would not immediately think that the instant they encounter a problem, they should have their air conditioning systems replaced. An AC system is not that inexpensive to be treated as something that can easily be disposed of, and choosing a new one would require some research and efforts on your part. Hence, it is only logical to consider getting your appliances repaired at first before considering buying a new one. If you want concrete proof for this, you can ask for the quotation of an AC repair expert on how much they cost of repair will approximately take. If this amount is lower than acquiring a new unit, then you should get your air conditioning systems repaired.

Replace your air conditioner if your electricity bills keep on rising

If your air conditioning systems are the only ancient appliances you have in your home, then maybe it is a sign that you have to replace it for a new one. There are some instances wherein AC systems do not present any kind of damage, but that does not mean that these do not present any grounds for getting these systems replaced. If you notice that there has been some unusual increase in your electricity bills and you have not changed your consumption from the previous month’s billing, then you might have some problems with the efficiency of your air conditioning systems. An increase in your energy bills may mean that your AC systems are working twice as hard as it normally would compensate for its decline in performance. You do not have to see and experience an air conditioning system’s breakdown yourself. As long as you can observe that there is a significant increase in your energy bills, take it as a sign for you to have your air conditioning systems changed.

Repair if your air conditioning systems are fairly new

Say you have just recently moved into a new home and just purchased an air conditioning system, would you immediately think of getting one after encountering a single hitch? Of course, you should not! Make sure that, at first, you try to assess the situation. How old is your AC system in the first place? If it is less than two to three years old, then you should consider having it repaired at first. After all, any appliance you have in your home, your air conditioning systems included, should be considered as an investment. If you look at it that way, it only makes sense that you do not just move on to your next purchase without trying to get your original investment repaired, right? Besides, after getting your systems inspected by an AC repair professional, they might be able to tell you what is the root cause of the problem and have it fixed immediately.

Consider Getting An Air Conditioning System Repair First Before Anything Else

For the question: if you should get your AC systems repaired or replaced, make sure that you first try to get an AC repair. After having a professional inspect your AC unit is when you should decide to get it replaced or not. Trust that your local AC repair expert will be able to give out the best recommendations on what you should do about the situation you are faced with.


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