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3 Common Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit Suddenly Stopped Working

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If there is one device that should always be present in a residential building in Plano, TX and greater Dallas are, that is an air conditioning system. Acquiring and installing an AC system may be easy for you. The tricky part, however, is any maintenance and repairs. The more you use your AC unit, the more prone it is to wear and tear just like with any appliance. The last thing that you would want to deal with is the hassle of having a non-working air conditioning system in your home during the hot and humid summer months of Texas. When your AC unit needs repair or goes out, the best thing to do is to call a Plano air conditioning service repair company so that they can fix the issues and have your air conditioner back in working order.

There could be a lot of reasons why you may need the services of an air conditioning repair company in Plano, TX.  Let’s take a look at some of them.

Poor Maintenance

When was the last time you had your air conditioning units checked? If you cannot recall, then consider when was the last time you had it cleaned. If you have not done these two important things in maintaining your air conditioning units, then it is most likely that your air conditioning unit has stopped working because of its poor maintenance. Each time you put your AC unit into use, it will be exposed to dirt in your home. After some time, when the filters are not properly cleaned, dirt and grime cake will accumulate inside, causing your air conditioning units not to function efficiently. 

However, the filters are not the only part of the air conditioning unit that can be poorly maintained. Once you start seeing signs of a material build-up stuck in the outside lining of your vents, then it could be a warning sign that your air conditioner may be breaking down soon. 

At least six months to a year you should get your air conditioning units serviced by a credible repair company. This is so you are ensured that your usage will not be interrupted by random breakdowns of your AC.

Freon or Refrigerant Leaks

The reason why your air conditioning units are running is because of the freon inside it. Freon is also commonly known as refrigerants. Without it, your air conditioning system would not be able to cool your home. These refrigerants are needed to absorb the moisture inside your home or room, and it would help in lowering its temperature.

It is not easy to point out a problem with your refrigerants. Some warning signs of a leak could overlap with other potential air conditioning problems, prohibiting you from diagnosing the problem as early as possible. Usually, refrigerant problems on your AC would cause a low airflow in your system. This is one of the most noticeable signs since your system is not cooling the room like it used to; or if it does, it will take some time for the unit to do so. However, you might be inclined to think that there could be some problems with the power supply or with the air conditioning unit’s blower. 

Your air conditioner blowing warm air is another sign that there may be a freon leakage. If the situation has been going on for a long time, you will see it in your electricity bills that your consumption got higher. This is because the system is working hard to compensate for the leak. The more power it generates to cool your home, the higher your electricity bills will be. Do not wait to get your AC unit checked and fixed when this is occurring as you will more than likely have a utility bill that has skyrocketed compared to prior months.

Mechanical Problem

Dirt and refrigerant leaks are the least of your problems when it comes to your air conditioning units. This is true, especially in terms of the cost for it to get repaired. There are some times that the problem needs more attention than just a simple cleaning of the unit or adding refrigerant. These problems are mechanical ones. It is considered to be more expensive since you are looking to either repairing or replacing a part of your air conditioning unit. This could be a clogged drain in the system or a non-functioning motor. When you are presented with this problem, only a certified Plano air conditioning service repair company can do the job correctly for you.

It could also get more complicated when the problem is with the electrical circuits or sensors of your unit. This is something that you cannot simply do yourself. You would have to hire someone with the right measuring tools and safety equipment needed to get the job done. There might even be some circumstances in which your air conditioning units may not be working at all. This is the ultimate sign that there is something wrong with your AC unit and you will need to call in an AC repair expert in Plano, TX. 

When You Encounter These Problems, Do Not Hesitate To Call An Air Conditioning Service Repair Company

When it comes to Plano air conditioning service repair, you want to find a reputable and experienced AC repair contractor to get the job done right – the first time! Ultimately, the goal that you want to achieve in the process is for the repair costs to be less than that of buying a new air conditioning unit. It is always wise to check out reviews for any air conditioning service repair company that you are going to call to repair your AC unit. Once you do find a trusted and experienced air conditioning repair contractor, always remember to have them perform a routine maintenance check on your AC unit every six months or so to keep your AC unit clean and running smoothly!

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