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3 AC Mistakes That Most Homeowners Make

Your air conditioning system does many things for your home. For starters, it helps to regulate the temperature inside your home, making it more comfortable. It also helps to ventilate the rooms, bringing in fresh air while removing the dirty air from inside of your home. Your AC helps to filter out all the impurities and ensure that the air is of a comfortable humidity, giving you the best quality air possible.

When it comes to choosing an air conditioning system, there’s a lot more to know that you would think. Now that the roughest part of the winter has passed, you have to look forward to the summer. This article will help you prepare yourself for it. With that said, here are the top three AC mistakes that homeowners make:

Not Turning Off Their Air Conditioning Systems

There has been an ongoing debate regarding whether it’s better to leave your AC on all day on a low setting or turn it off while you’re away, only to kick it up to full blast once you get home. It’s been shown that it’s almost always a better idea to turn your AC system off while you’re away, leaving your windows cracked open slightly to allow a draft to go through your home.

This way, your house won’t heat up too quickly during the day, and when you come back to turn on the AC, the unit won’t have to work as hard to cool down the entire space. You can also consider adding a ceiling fan to help the cool air circulate the room so that you don’t have to leave the AC on a high setting all the time. It’s better to adjust the settings on your AC as necessary rather than to always leave it on a high setting.

Always Leaving Their Air Conditioning Systems On High

Your house may feel like an oven in the summer, so you may be tempted to crank the AC up to the highest setting in the hopes that it will cool your room faster. This will reduce the longevity of your AC system, not to mention that it’s an inefficient use of your energy. The AC will consume a large amount of energy without producing a lot of cold air until minutes later. You should start your AC off on a low setting and crank it up slowly until it reaches the optimal temperature. Then you can turn the AC down slightly so that it maintains a comfortable temperature.

Not Having Their Air Conditioning Unit Checked Every Year

Mid-spring is the best time of the year to have your AC unit checked and repaired to ensure that it’s ready to take on the workload of helping you cope with the scorching summer. You will need your AC to be performing at its best when the heat kicks in, which is why you need to make sure that your unit is in the best condition beforehand. This will help to ensure that your unit is energy-efficient as well as prepare your AC to keep your home cool throughout the summer.

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