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Think your air conditioner isn’t working right?  Is your home too warm or does the the air conditioner never seem to stop running?  Maybe the problem isn’t your air conditioner.  Insulation is vital to maintaining a comfortable temperature inside your home.  The insulation in your walls and attic is assigned an R-value, which is a measure of the insulation’s ability to resist heat moving through it.  The higher the R-value, the more protection from heat gain and loss you have.   At Kleen Air Services AC repair Plano TX, we know how important attic insulation is and that properly-installed attic insulation helps to protect you from high energy bills.  Improperly-installed insulation can cost you money.  So what will a trained air conditioning professional look for in your attic?

Not enough insulation.  This is by far the most common attic insulation problem and usually involves blown-in insulation.  Blown-in insulation is composed of loose fibers and fiber pellets that are blown into your attic with pneumatic equipment.  This type of insulation can become compacted over time and fails to adequately fill the attic space.  Often, not enough insulation is installed in the home when it’s new or enough is blown in but workers have displaced the insulation to reach air ducts and wiring in the attic.

Overlooked rooms.  Sometimes, insulation installers can miss or neglect whole rooms when they blow insulation.  Often, they have difficulty accessing areas of the attic where the framing is in the way or they just assume areas near the garage are part of the garage and don’t require insulation.

Uninsulated knee walls.  Knee walls are vertical walls in the attic.  They are found where ceiling heights change, for instance when vaulted ceilings drop to flat ceilings.  Knee walls are often left bare even though the ceilings they connect are insulated.  A substantial amount of heat energy can escape or be allowed in at the knee walls.

Pockets of uninsulated space.  This occurs when fiberglass batts of insulation are used.  Batts are rolls of insulation that are easy to install and can be cut to fit almost any area in your attic.  Where batts fail is in insulating areas of ceiling where heights vary.  When there are soffits in your home, batts in the attic will roll over the dropping area leaving a trenchlike air pocket between the batt and the soffit drywall.

Poorly-installed batts.   Installers are not always diligent about making sure rolled insulation fills every inch of space between ceiling joists or about making sure cut rolls meet correctly so that there is no gap between them.

Uninsulated attic access panels.  Often neglected is the small piece of drywall that has to be moved to access the attic.  Our AC repair Plano TX experts know that it is important to insulate this small piece of bare drywall so that the overall R-value of the attic insulation is not compromised.

There are an almost endless number of ways your attic’s insulation can be defective and any of these defects will cost you money in higher energy bills.  Kleen Air Services AC repair Plano TX will not only inspect your air conditioner to make sure it’s working properly, they can also inspect your attic insulation to look for problems.  Visit our website at to learn more about insulation and energy conservation and then call us at 972-527-3207 to schedule an inspection.


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