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Kleen Air – Two Essential Tips To Maintain Your AC System For Your Health


by  | Jul 12, 2019 | Blog

Although your home’s air conditioning system is your best friend in times of overwhelming heat and humidity, turning it on as soon as things get uncomfortable might not always be the best idea. Aside from being hard on your wallet and rough on your monthly expenses, turning your air conditioning system on right away as soon as discomfort strikes won’t always prove to be beneficial for your health, especially when it comes to older and poorly maintained AC systems. The complications of AC systems and units While they might be incredibly effective at keeping your air cool, older air conditioning systems have been proven to play a part in afflicting homeowners with health conditions within the confines of their homes. Certain conditions, such as pneumonia, colds, and allergy attacks are able to spread much faster from a home’s air conditioning system through its ducts and passageways because of the lack of air filters found in modern air conditioning units. Fortunately, keeping your AC from harming your overall health and using it to enhance your quality of life is much easier to do on your own as compared to the fears of many when dealing with the perils of air conditioning system ownership. With air conditioning being used and found almost anywhere and everywhere, companies have been creating upgrades and tools that have made it much easier to properly maintain all types of units regularly on your own. That being said, if you’d like to pull out all the stops in air conditioning system maintenance, then air duct cleaning is definitely an option that you should consider. With the help of specialized tools, professional air duct cleaning contractors thoroughly clean your AC system’s air ducts and ensure that no substances or dirt are around to wreak havoc on your health. Essential maintenance tips The truth is that an air conditioning and air duct expert won’t always suffice in keeping your AC unit or system from causing problems for your health. In order to keep your health in tip-top shape in the best way possible through your air conditioning unit or system, here are two essential tips to keep in mind: 1. Keep things clean after a renovation If you’ve had a home renovation recently, chances are that you probably have dirt stuck in your air ducts. When the post-renovation dirt is left unattended, your AC system or unit will most likely blow it right into your home’s atmosphere and cause it to severely impact that quality of air that circulates in your home. In order to avoid any complications after a renovation, make sure to get an appointment with an air duct cleaning service to thoroughly get all the spots in your air conditioner’s passageways. This will ensure that your air conditioning works FOR your health and not against it. 2. Maintain your AC unit regularly One surefire way for your AC system and unit to negatively affect your health is to miss out on regular maintenance. By properly maintaining your AC unit on a regular basis, you can prevent any instances of having dangerous or harmful particles swarm through your interior’s atmosphere. Typically, the average AC unit or system tends to recycle any air that it filters in order to save energy. This may work well for your electricity bill, but it is an absolute horror story for your indoor air quality. Changing your air filter, having an HVAC technician perform inspections on a regular basis, and carrying out other maintenance tasks can work wonders to ensuring an air quality that your body can be proud of.

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