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Your home is meant to be your refuge from the world outside. Unfortunately, when your HVAC system or air conditioning isn’t working properly, that can lead to a truly miserable atmosphere in your home. Texas has a reputation for being a very hot place, and Plano is no exception. However, the winter months can also become quite chilly. You can count on Kleen Air Services for heating repair in Plano TX.

That means that you need working air conditioning to keep your home tolerable in the summer and a working furnace to keep things comfortable and protect your home in the winter.  When you need help with air conditioning and heating repair in Plano TX, you need a company you can rely on when repairing such a critical system in your home.

With more than 20 years of experience, Kleen Air Services is one of the most trusted companies servicing HVAC and air conditioner repair in Plano, Texas. We have built a solid reputation by providing timely service that our clients can rely on and standing behind the work we do.


Do You Need HVAC / HEATING Repair in Plano TX?

Is your furnace not working properly? Is your air conditioning leaving you feeling less than cool? Maybe you just have a very old HVAC system in your house that’s sucking up energy every time it runs. Whatever the situation, when you need reliable HVAC service, furnace repairs, or air conditioning work done on your house, you can rely on Kleen Air Services to provide you with professional service and reliable work.

Unlike some fly-by-night operations, at Kleen Air Services we are members of the Better Business Bureau. We are dedicated to the comfort and satisfaction of our clients. Our highly trained technicians are available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Whether you need to schedule air conditioner repair in Plano, Texas or have an emergency need for HVAC and heating repair in Plano TX, Kleen Air Services will be there to help you.


Services Offered In Your Area:

At Kleen Air Services, our technicians have experience and knowledge necessary to work on a wide range of HVAC systems, furnaces, and air conditioners. That expertise allows us to offer a broad assortment of services, from standard maintenance that should be performed annually to complicated HVAC repair in Plano, Texas. If you need work on your heating and air conditioning in Plano, Texas, Kleen Air Services should be the first company that you contact for assistance. We even do air duct cleaning.


Air Conditioner Installation

Installing an air conditioner is no longer a luxury. As record high temperatures continue to increase annually, air conditioning is a necessity for people living in the Plano area. Unfortunately, the boom in demand for air conditioning services and installation has led to some less-than-credible companies offering service in this area.

Improperly installed air conditioning units may not run efficiently. That can cost you much more in electricity over time. In some cases, it could even damage your HVAC system. That’s why you want to call Kleen Air Services from the start. That way you get service that you can trust, as well as a quick turnaround time on your service call, with same-day service available in many cases.


Air Conditioner Repair

You don’t want just anyone providing you with AC repair in Plano, Texas. Much like installation, repairs to your air conditioner can affect both how efficient a system is and how long it lasts. In other words, you want experts coming out to diagnose the issue with your air conditioner and fix it.

Our technicians have the knowledge to determine the cause of your issue and quickly repair it. We stand behind the work of our team with a full warranty on all labor and work. That means you can trust our technicians to expertly manage your AC repair in Plano, Texas.


Air Conditioner Replacement

Sometimes, it simply isn’t possible to repair an air conditioner. Other times, while repairs are possible, the device itself may not be very efficient. You may save more money in the long run by replacing it instead of repairing it.

Our team can help you pick the perfect air conditioner for your home. We have competitive pricing on top brands that you can trust. Installing a new air conditioner that will efficiently keep your home cool during the hot Plano summer will keep you and everyone you live with much happier.


High-Quality Service in Plano, Texas

You don’t need the stress and frustration that comes from working with an unprofessional company or HVAC technician. You can trust the team at Kleen Air Services to treat you with respect and handle your service call promptly. Our team will perform work that you can rely on, backed by our full guarantee on all work. Calling us is essentially ensuring that you can enjoy your home regardless of what the weather outside is like.


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Whether you want to schedule an air conditioner installation in a few weeks or need emergency repairs over the weekend, our team is ready to come out and assist you.  Our technicians are licensed and insured, and we do offer financing to those with approved credit, as well as same-day appointments. Call us today too schedule same day service or arrange for a future appointment.

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