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Kleen Air Services emphasizes three words; exceptional customer service. We’ve been a trusted heating and air conditioning service provider in areas all over Texas for over twenty years. Whenever we provide HVAC and heating repair in Irving TX, we open ourselves up to the reviews and feedback of our customers so that we can take those views into account, and improve our approaches so that we provide the best service possible.


Do You Need AC REPAIR, OR Heating REPAIR in Irving TX? 

If you live in Irving or the surrounding area, you know how stifling the sudden changes in weather can be. We provide year-round heating services so that your system is ready to go and won’t break down when you truly need it. Long-term exposure to excessive heat or cold can break down even the toughest constitution, and given the amount of sun in Texas, even staying indoors won’t do much if your HVAC isn’t working properly. We think that’s where we come in.


Services Offered In Your Area:

We offer nearly every service you could imagine when it comes to heating units or HVAC systems. Kleen Air Services is dedicated to keeping you cool in the summer months and warm in the colder parts of the year. To that end, we offer installation services, as well as repairs and replacements for old or damaged units. We also offer a year-round maintenance and protection plan, and cleaning and repair services that include vents, pipes, and other parts of your system.


Heating And Air Conditioning Installation

We provide installation services for heating units of all varieties. Our experts are capable of installing boilers, oil heaters, and electrical heating units in your home. We are capable of installing any heater you may be interested in purchasing from our catalog, or providing our installation services for heaters you may already possess. Whether you want an installation in your existing home, or require heating in your home, Kleen Air Services can help.

We also provide HVAC installations for many different air conditioning units. Our professional staff can install HVAC units in your entire home and can recommend wall mounted units, window mounted units, and more depending on your unique circumstances. We can arrange to have new units delivered to your home before or during an agreed upon installation time, to have your new home system installed in the most time efficient manner possible.


Heating And Air Conditioning Repair

Our extensive HVAC and heating repair in Irving TX are some of the services we take the most pride in. We provide heat pump repair, dual fuel repair, and repair to the main units and pipes of gas heaters, just to name a few of our services. We also provide cleaning for HVAC coils, for your air conditioning vents, and more to make sure that your air conditioner keeps performing efficiently.

We also provide a PSA (Preventative Service Plan), which include routine maintenance to ensure your system stays repaired. We believe this plan is a cost-efficient service and repair plan to quickly identify faults in your system and fix them, possibly saving you money in the process. It also helps to keep the energy efficiency of your HVAC system up, which can help keep energy costs down, or at least reduce the frequency that repairs are needed.


Heating And Air Conditioning Replacement

We don’t simply install new systems in new homes or businesses; we also offer services to removed damaged and broken HVAC and heating units and replace them with new units or entirely new models. Our technicians are given authority to recognize a broken unit in the field and offer you their replacement services on the spot so that you don’t have to spend time calling in and setting up another appointment, wasting your time and money in the process.


High-Quality Service in Irving, Texas

Kleen Air Services offer a high-quality service guarantee that we hope places us as the number one provider of HVAC and heating repair in Irving TX. Our high-quality service guarantee is bolstered by our Preventative Service Plans to keep your system running year-round, our dedication to timely service, and our promise to offer free secondary opinions and free quotes. We believe all of this makes us a match for the competition and ensures you get the best service possible.


Contact Us Today For A Free Quote

We offer free quotes before any installation, repair, or replacement job. If you call in we will offer you free quotes on any service you might be interested in, and are willing to put our quote against that of our competition. We believe in competitive pricing, and so we consider our free quotes a sign of our transparency to our customers who may be pursuing the best deals possible. We offer free quotes on site, or if you call in ahead of time to ask about services that may interest you.

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