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If you want HVAC, or heating repair in Garland TX, chances are you’ve heard the name Kleen Air Services before. We pride ourselves on the fact that our many customers consider us the most trusted heating and air conditioner installation providers in the city, and seek to share our experience with new clients all the time. We have several decades of experience in the business and know to put the happiness of our clients above competition with our rivals.



Like most of the larger Fort Worth area, Garland is battered by exhausting summers and the overwhelming heat of Texas. Nowadays we know better than our forefathers that even if you’re not in direct sunlight, the stifling heat of Texas can quickly make people sick, whether they’re inside or out. We believe it’s important to make sure every home has proper air conditioning for the health of Garland’s citizens, from senior citizens all the way down to new additions in the family.

We also believe it’s just as important for citizens of Garland, TX to have heating during the winter months. The number of cases of illness can rise dramatically as the city cools off, but with a proper heating system, we believe you can protect the members of the family who are most susceptible. To that end, we put the installation and repairs of heating units at the top of our priorities, and we try to make each member of our staff an expert in HVAC of all kinds.


Services Offered In Your Area:

We offer heating repair in Garland TX, but also AC Repair, air duct cleaning, attic insulation, and more! Contact us for a free estimate on any of our services today!


Heating And Air Conditioning Installation

We offer installation services for HVAC units of different shapes and sizes. We are willing to install oil heating devices, dual fuel heaters, boiler installations, electrical and gas furnaces, and more. Installing an HVAC unit yourself can be difficult, and an improperly installed heating unit can be extremely dangerous to yourself or your family. Hiring one of our experts provides you with a professional hand for the job, and minimizes the chances of any mistakes in installation.

We are willing to install HVAC units of all varieties for the summer, as well. We have experience with wall mounted units, window installations, and entire home air conditioning systems. Our experts have training in adding vents, main units, and more than your homemade new when a new unit is installed so that you can leave the heavy lifting to us.


Air Conditioning AND Heating Repair IN Garland TX

We’re willing to provide repair services for any unit we install, and repair services for existing HVAC unit. If you require HVAC repair in Garland, Texas then consider hiring one of our many trained professionals. We will come to your home or business at the first available opportunity, and our experts are capable of dealing with countless systems both new and old. We provide boiler repair, dual fuel heater repair, and AC repair, just to name a few of our services.

After any of our installations, you can ask for our service repair plan. We offer a routine maintenance plan for all of our new installations and can provide repairs and maintenance for your existing AC units as well. Even when they’re not in use, HVAC systems slowly accumulate dust and wear, so it’s important to provide regular maintenance so that they’re ready for when your family needs them the most.


Heating And Air Conditioning Replacement

An improperly maintained air conditioning unit can break down and become irreparable in as little as ten years. Many professionals estimate it also only takes a decade or so for even well-maintained HVAC systems to become obsolete. We offer replacements of old and inefficient systems so you can upgrade to new,  energy efficient models easily. We are also glad to replace broken systems and replace units bought from either us, or the competition at your request.


High-Quality Service in Garland, Texas

We offer a high-quality service guarantee to anyone in need of HVAC repair in Garland, Texas. We promise our installation experts will provide high-quality service. Having a reputation that you, the consumer, can trust is central to any business. But to us, providing quality service to the citizens of Garland is personal, and we welcome reviews from our customers to help us accurately gauge the skill of our professionals so that each installation meets our standards.


Contact Us Today For A Free Quote

We offer free quotes before any service we provide. We want to be transparent about our costs so that you know what you’re paying for, and our experts are willing to provide free quotes on site during any installation, repair, or replacement. We also make it an option to call in and ask for a free quote before we come to your home. Just provide us with information about what system you want to be installed or repaired, and we’ll provide a free quote about all charges upfront.

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