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Dallas is a very big city, which means you have lots of options when you need work done on your HVAC system, furnace, or air conditioner. Unfortunately, it also means there are a lot of shady people hoping to profit off of that need. For the best heating repair in Dallas TX, there is one company to call: Kleen Air Services.

Choosing the right company for ac repair, and also for heating repair Dallas TX is critical. Otherwise, you could end up paying for mediocre service and then paying even more to have the mistakes made by the first technician corrected.

At Kleen Air Services, we have spent more than two decades servicing HVAC systems in the Dallas area. We have countless satisfied customers and are proud to be part of the Better Business Bureau. Our transparency and dedication to our clients help make us one of the best choices when you need HVAC repair in Dallas, Texas.


Do You Need HVAC Repair in Dallas TX?

Things go wrong with major home systems all the time. Age can lead an air conditioner unit to simply stop working, or improper maintenance could cause your furnace to become incredibly inefficient. Whether you need emergency AC repair, installation of a new furnace done quickly, or heating repair in Dallas TX, you can trust Kleen Air Services to do the job quickly and properly.

You can call us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to schedule same-day service in many cases. After all, a broken air conditioner on a hot summer day in Dallas is a real emergency.


Services Offered In Your Area:

Air conditioners need repairs when something goes wrong with them. They also require routine maintenance to make sure they are functioning optimally. The same is true of your furnace. The team at Kleen Air Services has more than 20 years of experience helping homeowners and business owners regulate the climate inside their properties.

We offer a full range of services, including routine maintenance, installation, repairs, and replacements, and air duct cleaning, to name a few. We also provide customers with approved credit with 100% financing and are happy to offer a second opinion for free if your first quote seems too high.

We specialize in heating repairs Dallas TX. That means that unlike some handyman services, Kleen Air Services has the specialized knowledge and equipment you can rely on when you need service.


Air Conditioner Installation

Installing an air conditioner properly requires both knowledge and the right tools. Hiring the wrong company to perform this important service could cause a host of problems. Inefficient performance or even loss of the warranty on the unit is possible without expert installation.

At Kleen Air Services, we have the know-how to get it done right the first time. That’s why we stand behind all of our labor with a full guarantee. You can trust us to install your air conditioning quickly and correctly, ensuring that you have a cool home to come back to every day.


Air Conditioner Repair

Having your air conditioner break in the heat of the summer is a miserable experience. When you need AC repair in Dallas, Texas, it is an emergency. You shouldn’t have to wait for weeks, but some companies will make you do exactly that.

At Kleen Air Services, we strive to schedule same-day appointments, especially for emergency repairs. Our team will diagnose the issue and correct the problem with your air conditioner. When you call us, we will do everything in our power to get out to see you in a timely manner and get your air conditioner back into working order.


Air Conditioner Replacement

Older air conditioning units can cost a lot of money to run. Sometimes, the added expense can offset the cost of a replacement air conditioner unit. In some cases, your broken air conditioner may not have parts available anymore or may cost more than a new unit to repair.

While the technicians at Kleen Air Services do their best to provide AC Repair in Dallas, Texas, we can also help you replace your air conditioner when repairs aren’t an option.  From selecting the right unit to managing the installation process, Kleen Air Services can help you replace your old air conditioner with a newer, better unit.


High-Quality Service in Dallas, Texas

When it comes to heating and air conditioning in Dallas, Texas you want to work with a company that you can trust. Kleen Air Services is here for you, no matter what season or time of day you discover your need for service.

We offer competitive pricing, flexible scheduling, and excellent customer service.   You get the peace of mind that comes from working with an established, trusted company and getting service on your heating and air conditioning in Dallas, Texas backed by a full labor guarantee.


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While there may be many companies that service HVAC systems, few of them have the experience and dedication to customer satisfaction that Kleen Air Services offers. Regardless of whether you need emergency repairs, annual maintenance, or installation of a new system, we’re your best option. Call Kleen Air Services today to schedule your service or obtain a competitive quote.

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heating repair in dallas tx, Heating Repair In Dallas TX, Kleen Air Services

Trusted, excellent service

Review of Kleen Air Services

Jesse has become a trusted professional on our annual plan. He never gouges me nor recommends things for Kleen Air’s benefit. He seems genuinely interested in sharing the facts about our system (covering our 4K sq ft home) and best options. I trust Jesse and appreciate Kleen Air. Happy to recommend them.

Response from Kleen Air Services:

Thank you Michael for your support in allowing us to do your central Heating system maintenance in Dallas TX and for the positive review.

heating repair in dallas tx, Heating Repair In Dallas TX, Kleen Air Services

Jesse P.

Vent pipe repair after roofing company. Repaired up to code in north Dallas .

Near Ferndale Rd, Dallas, TX 75238
heating repair in dallas tx, Heating Repair In Dallas TX, Kleen Air Services
heating repair in dallas tx, Heating Repair In Dallas TX, Kleen Air Services

Jesse P.

Heating maintenance on trane heaters in north Dallas.

Near Bentwood Trail, Dallas, TX 75252
heating repair in dallas tx, Heating Repair In Dallas TX, Kleen Air Services

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(972) 527-3207

heating repair in dallas tx, Heating Repair In Dallas TX, Kleen Air Services

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heating repair in dallas tx, Heating Repair In Dallas TX, Kleen Air Services