Frequently Asked Questions

Regular serviced and maintained equipment will prolong the life of your system equipment, run more efficiently and overall safe you costly repair costs.
Disposable or washable filters should be looked at once a month and changed or washed.
The basic T-Stat is used as you need it and is generally on when not needed using more energy that is needed, a programmable is set to come on and off automatically when needed so it will use less energy.
Typically around the 12-15 year mark only because it is most likely not keeping up with the efficiency it had when it was new, or repairs outweigh the cost of a new system.
A 4 inch catches 4 times more dust and pet dander than a 1 inch, so you have cleaner air quality in your home.
That can vary as there are lots of situations that causes gives you concern to have them cleaned, construction in and around your home, pets that shed their fur, carpet that doesn’t get cleaned regularly.
Firstly if it isn’t cooling or heating the way you are used to it working, different noises, blacked out T-stat, odd smells like burning wires, running continuously.
Check the electrical breakers, check the T-stat, then call Kleen Air Service.
I like to call a local company, the phone should be answered and not be put to voice mail, read the reviews and then make a decision.
first have the peace of mind that it has being serviced then check your attic insulation you must have at least 15 inch’s, there are too many small contributions to loosing energy from your home, call for an energy audit.
Yes your outside unit (condenser) may have inadequate air to breath properly so the bushes and shrubs must be trimmed back at least 3 feet from the unit on all sides.
This means there is a chance of an electrical shorting out only to cause a lot more damage to your system electronics call Kleen Air Services right away.
FIRST you call your Fire department please don’t hesitate as they can turn off the gas supply immediately then call Kleen Air Services to make sure you heating system is working properly.

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