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Welcome to the Kleen Air Services, your premier choice for commercial air conditioning repair, service, and installation.  You have made the first choice of many by choosing Kleen Air Services for your commercial air conditioning repair needs. You’re choosing Dallas’s full-service (service, repair, installation) air conditioning contractor. Our promise to you, we will do everything essential to keep you, your employees, and your customers as comfortable as possible, and provide a comprehensive range of AC repairs and services to meet your needs.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair in Dallas

Time has a way of taking a toll on aging commercial air conditioning systems.  They slowly experience a gradual loss in efficiency and eventually a full break down, both costing money and stress.  As a business or building owner, you have other things to consider and deal with when operating a commercial business or maintaining a commercial property. Kleen Air Services is focused on alleviating some of your stress and costs by offering preventive commercial maintenance agreements. Our agreements are designed to ensure your equipment is maintained properly throughout the year.  Regularly scheduled maintenance decreases utility costs and downtime and increases the longevity or lifespan of the commercial ac system.  Additionally, newer systems are being designed in a way that is more complex, thus, requiring continuous training of our commercial service technicians. We require our team to be up to speed on the latest in commercial air conditioning technologies.

The increase in both number and size of office spaces, retail stores, and restaurants has dramatically pushed the changes including the increase in size and complexity of design of commercial air conditioning systems. The basic concept is the same, however, there are many additional variables which must be considered to ensure a commercial structure has the appropriate air conditioning system in place and working efficiently. This is where years of education, hands–on experience, and our commitment to customer service are important, thus our over and above preparation required of every technician.

Besides the stress and repair costs previously mentioned, there is a major reason for making sure your commercial AC system is good working condition. We are not talking about the necessary daily tasks that must be attended to keep the company flourishing and succeeding. The major reason is to make certain all employees and customers are comfortable being in your store, restaurant, or office building, services are rendered, products are purchased, and contracts are signed. If your AC is not cooling properly, the reason you’re in business will falter.  Providing a comfortable environment is essential to your business, thus you must have a properly functioning commercial air conditioning system.

Kleen Air Services is the one to call when your AC system breaks down.  We can and will repair it quickly and get your business back up and running. However, it is better to be proactive than reactive.  Reactive repairs always end up costing more money than anticipated. Proactive means protecting your system with regularly scheduled maintenance.  With the increased stress your AC system endures daily, there is a certain amount of unavoidable wear and tear that should be expected. How and when you deal with these issues determines the success and lifespan of your air conditioning system. Make sure to schedule professional commercial air conditioning repair with Kleen Air Services in Dallas the moment you suspect a problem with your system. Do not ignore little problems, because they will grow into larger, costlier repairs.

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