Air Duct Cleaning Plano

Air Duct Cleaning Plano

In the new age of advanced science and studies, we now know more about the dangerous pollutants lurking in your home.  Air duct cleaning is one of the only guaranteed methods to ensure your family’s health against these pollutants.  Kleen Air Services happily services Plano customers through our years of experience and highly trained staff. Recent studies discovered that air quality in 19 out of 20 homes was considerably more polluted than air outside.  That is why air duct cleaning in Plano, TX has become such an important service that we offer to our customers.   If you live in Plano and your home is one year old or more, these contaminants could be clinging to every square inch of your air duct system.  Let us help you rid your home of these pollutants with our premier air duct cleaning services today.  

Kleen Air uses a patented Rotobrush cleaning system, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals, such as sealers.  This leaves you and your family breathing not only clean, but environmentally friendly and safe. Our truck mounted system with specially made vent cleaning brushes and vacuums go as far as possible through the ducts, delivering the best air duct cleaning results. The dust and mold moves into our vacuum, out to our truck, and out of your life. What you can expect from Kleen Air Services:

  • Visually inspect vent. Take vent cover off and look inside for problems.
  • If vent is intact, feed rotating brush and contact vacuum with yards and yards of hose attached to truck mounted machine.
  • Rotating brush designed for air ducts and specialized vacuum spin and pull out dirt and dust.
  • One by one, brush and clean all vents in the system with dirt moving directly outside.
  • Clean vent grate and fit back into place.

These are just a small depiction of the scope of work we can complete.  We can assure you that you’ll breath easier with our trained technicians on your side.  Air duct cleaning is one of the many specialized services we offer our Plano friends, and we’d love to make you part of the family.  Another part of ensuring the health and safety of your home and family is to be sure you have the proper ventilation and air duct systems.   We offer repair and preventative maintenance for these products, too.  

At Kleen Air Services we understand the headache for Plano, TX homeowners.  Do not let dirty air duct system issues become more difficult than they have to be. Put our 20 plus years of experience and knowledge to work for you.  We will provide you with a cost effective, conscientious, time sensitive solution.

Allow Kleen Air Services to take the headache out of your air duct cleaning. Call us today at 972-527-3207 and give Kleen Air Services the opportunity to show you what we can do for your home.

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