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Are you a resident of Plano? Then you most likely know the importance of air conditioning, especially during the heat of the Texas summer.  A non-functioning air conditioner is not only intolerable but painful. If your air conditioning quits or begins to underperform, you expect the repairman to be there ASAP. The unforgiving nature of Texas heat makes staying in your house almost unmanageable without cool air conditioning.  Who do you call? Who do can you trust?  Kleen Air Services is the premier air conditioning provider in Plano.  If your air conditioning is not working call 972-527-3207 today, don’t suffer more than you have to.

Air conditioners have many moving parts that will fail at the most inopportune time. Most likely your ac will breakdown during times of peak usage. The best preventive medicine is a preventative maintenance schedule to tackle the small issues before they turn into large costly issues.  Kleen Air Services offers year round services, providing preventative maintenance and system evaluation.

Kleen Air Services is focused on providing the best service as the lowest price.  Each employee undergoes a thorough background check and is highly trained in air conditioning service.  We require our installation and service technicians to be trusted and knowledgeable experts committed to provide the maximum service possible. For you convenience and comfort we offer 24/7/365 emergency services.

24/7 Emergency Services in Plano

We will meet your needs on your schedule. Our Plano office offers same day services and 24/7 emergency services. Getting your air conditioner in working order as quickly as possible is our driving focus.

Benefits of Plano Air Conditioning Services

As stated, our technicians are required to be the best in the industry and we make each receive continuous training to that end.  They are so good they will leave your home clean and debris-free. There is no excuse for making a mess and causing our customers more hassles. Additionally, your repair estimate should be straight forward and easy to understand with no hidden charges. You will know the cost and we will get your approval before proceeding with any repair.

If you live in the Plano, heating and air conditioning service is only a phone call away. Contact our trusted professionals at Kleen Air Services at (972)527-3207 today to schedule your appointment.

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